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I agree also. If it were a little bit larger and centered on the shirt, all the poverty in the world could not stop me from whoring myself out to buy this.


2 small and needs to be centered but I'm loving the drawing/....


larger, centered, and not on icky-gold


I'm also not wild about the placement, but, unless this design were made pretty darn large, a center placement would be a turn off for me. If the design could be enlarged and snuggled into the corner a bit more I believe it would be much improved. Right now it just seems to be floating a bit too much.

Very nice job!


Yeah, large and center please! $5

mini dukes III

Center the design, please. And red looks best, but not with gold shirt.


i think the design is fabulous...i would love to wear it on a different colored shirt (gold/yellow make me look like i'm ill). i agree with all the other about the design size being better if bigger.....why doesn't anyone put designs on the backs of the shirts instead of the front?

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strange but cool! it needs to be bigger!

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