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Happy Emo Music by Mike Laughead on Threadless
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Mike Laughead
Mike Laughead profile pic Artist

Does anyone know what average a shirt has to score to get printed?

She Says So


i'd maybe wear this to be ironic.



Threadless will print what they want to print. I don't believe there's any magical score that will get it done.

Mike Laughead
Mike Laughead profile pic Artist

I meant it to be ironic, if that's what you mean.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

I'm just impressed he can hold his arms like that for so long. It's pretty uncomfortable.


aaw! he looks like my friend mike!

Mike Laughead
Mike Laughead profile pic Artist

Wow! that last comment boosted my self esteem.


Emo stuff sucks. It doesn't belong on a t-shirt.

Mike Laughead
Mike Laughead profile pic Artist

Are you saying that you wouldn't buy it because of the content, or because the illustration is bad?


I would never wear an iopd cause they are too trendy. I rock dashboard mp3's on my portable 8-track cause no one else does. well me either really. cause the only thing that plays mp3s are trendy. hell mp3's are trendy. I think i should just die.

maybe I'll right a song about it first and then some emo will totally relate on there not ipod.

-el gaucho de pinkoso

ps. sign me up for this kick ass shirt. preferably in pink.
pps. I like girls. not ipods. unless they are girl ipods and are pink.

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