hansel and gretel #2

Design by Kim456

hansel and gretel #2 by Kim456 on Threadless
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Kim456 profile pic Artist

redesign after the feedback on my first attempt at submitting something here.... thanks to all who gave crits....hope you like this better


I would like to see it have a more subtle fade into the background

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I really don't think of Hansel and Gretel when i see two children in the middle of a city scene....i honestly think you're on to something in the concept and style of this re-telling of the classic fairy tale....you should contact American McGee and try to become the lead conceptual artist for a modern Hansel and Gretel game!


I like this as a poster.. Black and white is so beautiful

Kim456 profile pic Artist

thanks guys, have tried playing with colouring the kids clothes but still not happy with the result.....will keep playing with it and see if I can resolve the idea of adding colour. Frikinawesome... who are American Mcgee? I think I am complimented by your comment, confused but complimented!

Kim456 profile pic Artist

still learning!!! Have photoshop.....how do you fade out edges with it??? Would have liked to have done that but couldn't figure out how.

Kim456 profile pic Artist

thanks so much vivo

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