hand Sandwich for naomi

Design by jstumpenhorst

hand Sandwich for naomi by jstumpenhorst on Threadless
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Yikes, O'Malley!


this is so funny. Even more so because I just wrote a philosophy paper asserting that eating animals and people are the same thing. Not a defense of vegetarianism but actually a defense of cannibalism. It's good stuff.


There's something amusing about animals eating people. I actually wrote a pretty funny story about something similar. I've "blogged" it on myspace if anyone cares to read it.

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yeah, i am the one who posted the design in the blog. it was iluvhades idea for the design. she started the blog




I hear people taste like pork so and it wouldn't be nice of the pig to be a cannibal. But I wonder if pigs like mustard?

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ah, the immense power of the Threadless blog! Threadless should make a movie out of this story- but the design would have to win for the Hollywood happy ending we all would love and weep to. I'm giving this an x-tra point for how this submission came to be, but the design is entrancing enough (especially the way you highlighted the hand sandwich) to warrant a good score on its own. Nice tag-team people!


It reminds me of a movie I saw on Movie Macabre when I was a kid. Where this guy kills people and feeds them to his pigs.

Pigs would totally eat us, given the chance. They aren't vegetarians.




that reminds me of "Snatch" the movie.
Vegetarian since 15 years and I vote hell yes!!


I agree. Keep the pig pink (obvs) but print on Navy or some similar color for contrast. If you're gonna make a statement like this you should want peeps to see it in a crowd...


I am so sad this did not win. But I am giving jstumpenhorst my next purchase stps for drawing it. sigh.


this should have scored much better! this is great! sorry i missed it while it was up. would have 5$.

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now print this!

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