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Halo Kitty by magilla-da-killah on Threadless
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This one is rockin' da house!!!!

Great job magilla-da-killah.
I'd like to see the design on a navy blue shirt.


ha ha ha so funny.

magilla-da-killah profile pic Artist

thanks, yeah I thought about puttin it in the visor, but I ran out of colors, tho lookin at it now, I do think it should be on the shirt somewhere.

steamedbun profile pic Alumni

I love the idea for this shirt. I agree with videovexa about different colors for the body armor, although my fav. color is green


lmao. amazing.


I would buy this so hard

magilla-da-killah profile pic Artist

I have the manliest Xbox live gamertag in history

Rambo McClane

I haven't got alot of time to play recently, but if I'm on, I'd love to add more people to my friends list.


Oh my god!! im such a sad halo geek, my house mates have bullied me into loving it :) the cat should be red or blue tho hahaha. I would def buy this and so would my twin 5&£££

magilla-da-killah profile pic Artist

haha pmsclan, Mercury34 get the whole clan to sign up and vote and there's a free shirt in it for ya with my store credit if I end up winning!

what? it's not THAT shameless, is it?

magilla-da-killah profile pic Artist

thanks, I thought Halo was an American game, made by bungie in California somewhere, that's why I called it western, tho I'm sure it's got fans all over the world.

Nina Elizabeth

Oh. My. God. <3

No, really. Holy crap. I would wear this all the time. Though I'd like the idea of having 'Halo Kitty' under it, in a similar script to the game itself. If that makes sense.

Oh man. $5 is an understatement.


funny idea but i wouldnt wear it


sah-weet! that is so great! i think the text would add to the humor, but either way, its so great.

magilla-da-killah profile pic Artist

hmm, I don't know if I can alter the design at all once it's posted, but maybe if it said halo kitty in the same pink type on the left sleeve, so that it's on the shirt, and out of the way.


I would buy this in a heartbeat. Very cool idea.


I want this shirt SO badly. I will totally wear it when I'm kicking boy butt on Halo. Oh yeah, that's right! I'm a girl and I'll frag your @$$ so fast you won't know where the Brute Shot came from.


please please print this




me want ! ! ! PRINT PRINT PRINT



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