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I think if a hot dog were a vampire he'd probably go after some tomato based condiments.

The Threadless hot dog submissions market has probably been pretty saturated, but I still couldn't resist. I love processed meats and all things Halloween.

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Fun idea and all the elements are there, but they might need a bit more attention to, especially calling more emphasis on the kethup bottle, putting the top of it running out on the other side or not being blocked by the hot dog vampire, and have the eyes a bit bigger and more dead looking. I like the flow of ketchup/blood, maybe a little bit on the hot dog's face. Then i'll vant to give this a higher score!

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thanks sheskindaspecial!

thanks frickinawesome--good suggestions, i was worried that the vampire bite on the bottle might read as eyes. fears confirmed. oh well. :)


I agree with Frickin. If you show "blood" pouring out of the bite marks, they probably won't be read as eyes. Also positioning the bite marks to look more like a bite on the neck could help. Maybe keep the lid on the bottle and reposition. I think it's a great idea, and a bit of rework will make it a 5-er for sure.

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Thanks, astridempire, evanleggoe, and hhjack! :D


Print in kid's sizes too please! :)

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