Guys, We're Supposed to Be Having a Picnic...

Design by AlanBao

Guys, We're Supposed to Be Having a Picnic... by AlanBao on Threadless
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Faymuss profile pic Alumni

Excellent illustration, but the format is not suited for a t-shirt. However, it would make a great poster!

DannE-B profile pic Alumni

This is a really impressive piece of work, great style and detailing. I wish it had been presented nicer on the Tee, it doesnt do justice to how great this is.



I agree this would look freakin' awesome as a print. I can see myself putting this on my wall. A shirt would not do this kick ass piece justice!

ellygeh profile pic Alumni

Wow!! Incredible illustration! I agree with the others, this is better suited to a print than a shirt. I LOVE this! I'd definitely buy it for my wall!

AlanBao profile pic Artist

Thanks guys! On the topic of the shirt: keep in mind how tiny the mock-up shirt is - the amount of detail squished into that space makes it impossible to see anything more than a colorful clump.

On an life-sized shirt, it would be a much bigger canvas, with much more room to breathe.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

So many details and things to look at! Love it, and it looks really great on the shirt and looks amazing in general. :-)



people would be forced to look at my chest now.


I hope you know that I really do think your design is fantastic. It's beautiful, colorful, and it really keeps your attention. That said, the placement of it as one think horizontal band on the shirt, doesn't do it for me. I could see it envisioned otherwise, like one set coming down from the corner and the other group from the bottom corner (diagonal wise). It's just my opinion, though. I do love the design. If it is available as a print, I will be one of the first to say, "Take my money!" :)


Wow Great!

KonDee profile pic Alumni

Much Respect for this Cracy Picknick Sir!!!



Musarter profile pic Alumni

So freakin good. A little smaller placement and it's perfection for the Challenge.

lugepuar profile pic Alumni

Damn, this is so delicious :P



FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Amazing old-school Eastern styling to so many Western immortal characters! I agree with many above me, this NEEDS a more creative or bigger placement, where the design starts on one side and ends on the other, the center placement just looks too awkward.

Stunning idea and execution though.

Wharton profile pic Alumni

Superb sire, I'm sure the issues about placement or size are easily remedied. This is a super strong contender for the challenge. Ace work!

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