Gulliver's hand-me-downs

Design by Glennz

Gulliver's hand-me-downs by Glennz on Threadless
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Haha, nicely done. Very clever.


You have a great sense of humor in your designs, and it's what I personally look for when I shop for shirts. I want something that's original and funny and well-executed, and I find your designs meet that stringent criteria :)
The colours are simple and great, and it makes me laugh. I like funny without the need for explanation.
5 + $


I love this so much that I'd buy two so that I could wear one whilst the other is in the wash. I'm not sure what's going on in your head, I have strange ideas, but this is something on the next level - genius!

Plus I can imagine the photos people will submit of them wearing it in their y-fronts.

I would love to see this printed.


Like most of your work, I love this shirt.



glennz or anyone...i am DESPERATE for a 'go japan" in girly medium size. anyone have one to sell? and this design is hilare.


Hahaha, awesome! 5$


I don't want to wear pictures of underwear on my shirt, but I love the subtleness of the shirt. Great job! I hope someone else buys it


Hooray hooray....this is now the 5th tee of yours that i want 5&buy!


I'm dumb too. What's lilliput?


Lilliput is one of the lands that Gulliver visits in the amazing book 'Gulliver's Travels' by Jonathan Swift. The inhabitants of Lilliput are only six inches tall (from Gulliver's perspective), so to them, he is a giant .

I love this t-shirt so much, not only because of the design, but because of the thought that went into the concept.


really funny... ¬°una idea brillante!

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