Guernica: The Musical

Design by aled

Guernica: The Musical by aled on Threadless
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weird. i wouldn't wear it but I think it is great! you must keep it in grey/black and white, or if you must, in different shades of blue. amy other colour is wrong.

aled profile pic Artist

I just did the colour one for the grayscale haters - shouldn't really have bothered because the painting relies on tone rather than hue and it doesn't really make sense, so it's probably best if you ignore the colour version. Besides, it's not true to the painting - I concur on the blue theory, it would work.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

haha, sweet

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

kinda needs the text though


Personally I'll go for a dark blue or brown.. if they print in that color eventually ... the discussion about colors will never end heh

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

Its a sad world when picasso gets a 2....


hahaha agreed... underscored much


Am perusing fatheed because, well, he's fatheed.

This is flucking genius. I can't believe the score. The same score for the awesome Anglo Jesus thing was almost as depressing, but this? Who was around at this time? I hate to think of you artists who've been here forever getting rated by total rubes for a couple of years...

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