Guardians of Shangri-La

Design by BaronVonMonkey

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"I see, at a great distance, a new world stirring in the ruins, stirring clumsily but in hopefulness, seeking its lost and legendary treasures. And they will all be here, my son, hidden behind the mountains in the valley of Blue Moon..." -Lost Horizon

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Thanks for the feedback!- yep, I agree looking at it now that the bottom looks too cropped- I tried to curve it a bit, but you can't really tell. I'll try it on a grey shirt, see if that makes a difference. Oh, and now I'm just seeing them as a dugtrio- oh dear!

walmazan profile pic Alumni



nice work!

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

haha, nice characters! 5


w/ it being on a blue shirt, the bottom of the design could have ended in a way that hinted at a lake instead of a sudden drop off

I Usually Think

Dugtrio much? Heh, I still like it.

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Makes me think of The Tartar Steppe novel written by Dino Buzzati. I like the moutains but I agree with the "too cropped" comments.

Laser Bread
Laser Bread profile pic Alumni

I Shangri-Luv it

the golden spatula

you have the best titles!!

looks great on the tee!


I have no clue what it is I love so much about this, but $5 regardless.


looks cool.. reminds me of a phish album cover funny enough...
here you go
It doesnt look anything alike.. I just thought of it.. dont know why.. I hate phish.. just weird.

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

It's actually a Dugtrio.

BaronVonMonkey profile pic Artist

You're actually a dugtrio

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