growth of destruction

Design by jwalsh

growth of destruction


ladykat profile pic Alumni

good, i like the placement on the blue! i like the ink color on the white tee, but does it look good on other tee colors?

anyway, awesome awesome design!

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

i love the idea and the colour!!! welldone!!! and also the composition on the t-shirt!! jwalsh! i am sure this one definitely get printed!! I will want to wear it now haha!!!

ladykat profile pic Alumni

ooh, baby blue is good! i'm just not a huge fan of white or cream . . . if a shirt is printed on those colors, i have to think a lot harder about whether i want to buy it.


great idea but get rid of the people


what the...

i thought you were on vacation!? how in the world did you have time to spit this out of thin air!? magic just eludes your presence doesnt it!?

MARRY ME! or not...whatever, ill still vote this sub a big honkin five-a-roo!

Jemae profile pic Alumni

Love the pot part & I think it's look nicer without the top design at all! (the people thing)!

Jemae profile pic Alumni

-5$- for the pot thing it self or maybe you can put in a few birds fly away from the pot! =)

mezo profile pic Alumni

Sweet! Honestly, you didn't need to have the explaination at all...the design speaks for itself. Great work!


i love the graphic and the placement. Nix that blue one and if it was available in heather gray, definitely.

digitusboy's a great idea and the colors work well in natural


all the shirts on here are starting to look the same.


Would buy this for sure!


Maybe this isn't what you want to hear, but it's too good to be a t-shirt. Original and meaningful, but still aesthetically appealing. Standing ovation.

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