Grow Some More, Eat Some More

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Grow Some More, Eat Some More by stingerstyler on Threadless
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R G profile pic Alumni

hahaha nice!

Max F
Max F profile pic Alumni

classe !


Tee hee! I like the idea conveyed here, that even with four mouths, you still can't stuff 'em fast enough.

dacat profile pic Alumni

Nice one, even the orange shirt works

Ava Adore

very mambo-ish. nice colours!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

wow man....way to capture a time-lapse photo of me eating fast food and animate it all at once! interesting entry...


yeah! $5




I liked this shirt at first glance because it really strikingly portrays a critique of fast-food consumers. I read your initial comment though, and suddenly I liked the shirt less, and I got to wondering why. As far as the fast food nation rhetoric goes, there is obviously a problem which needs to be discussed in global culture when it comes to food. When the solution the movie seeks is that of understanding and mass-education about whats in what we eat, the cause isn't greatly helped by messages like "maybe eating burgers will make you grow extra freakish limbs". I understand you aren't implying that literally, but I've been trying to justify for a while why I prefer shirts in this contest which make you think about the issue, rather than shirts which may be much more effective at making fast food seem like the awful offal it is. I'd usually recommend thinking about what message you want a shirt to send when you are making it, although in this case the shirt still came out great. I give it a 4 -- I'd let someone know I liked their shirt if I saw it, but I probably wouldn't choose it for myself.


What if you placed the graphic right over the stomach? :)


flamespawned has a point.
but then again, he lacks a sense of humor.


Robsoul profile pic Alumni

FEED ME! Ha, I dig it, the fast food monster

Rock Deputy
Rock Deputy profile pic Alumni

awwwwwesome! $5

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