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bananaphone profile pic Artist

Perpetuate a positive stereotype.


please sub more!!!! $5!!!


so, so true.

franx profile pic Alumni

i concur

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

ha! my roomate always says, "Grow a beard, faggot"


cute. but that line bothers me too


You're easily one of my favorite artists here, our great minds think alike!

cronobeaker profile pic Alumni

the line does bother me but i can live with it:) Great work again!

bananaphone profile pic Artist

not everything has to look like it does in real life, I like overlapping lines but its not that big a deal.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Though I love the beard sentiment, and applaud the accompanying moustache, I can't help but yearn for more illustrative elements. As is feels empty and almost boring. Perhaps its the subdued color scheme? I am not sure. But this is still good. Especially his wide crazy mountain man eyes. 3

bananaphone profile pic Artist

beard = too big to have a dark brown ink splotch.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

I'm pretty sure I can judge things and their ability to work without your ok.

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni

well done man

bananaphone profile pic Artist

urban have you been in the critique forum entries too long?


what a beaut,
and my beard comes in with that same color as well,
and i too, have brown hair...



I love it.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

j-ray, find another fishing spot.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

dollah sign

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

I really need to grow a full beard instead of just the moustache and a lousy goatee.

bsweber profile pic Alumni

i like that the model is takin a shot at growing that beard. $5


I actually prefer the way the beard is a different colour to the hair... it enhances what the design is trying to achieve... like it.

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

This is not true. I never call out Freedom in shopping centres!

And the red beard with dark hair is actually possible!

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni

The thumb should definitely be in front of the beard. Looks off with the beard line in front of the thumb. Also, the capital B on beard looks off. This is hella funny but the execution could be better. 4


the beard reminds me of a nest of bees for some reason.


While I couldn't give a toss myself, I suspect this doesn't stand much chance of being printed unless you sort that thumb out.


I don't know, beardedness is a mixed bag. Most people I know marvel and drop compliments like crazy when I lose my beard.

Hell, my niece is afraid of me when I'm bearded.


as a bearded dude, I love this. Simple, silly and clean.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

some women can grow facial beards too. Either way the thumb line isnt a big deal, if they noticed the colouring - the thumb is infront of the beard. IT was just a stylised thing that people want to whinge about for the sake of whinging about something. That's fine with me.


I'm not whinging about it for the sake of whinging about something.

I think it looks like a mistake on an otherwise great design. I would want this shirt, except the line bugs me. It wouldn't be hard to remove it, and the design would be perfect.

Plus, I don't think it should be on white.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

its not, its on natural.


Sounds like to me that you subbed it and didn't catch the mistake but don't want to admit to it so you try to play it off as something you did to add style.


especially because no other sub out of the millions you have are like that.

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Have to say, it seems the opposite to me. Looks deliberate.

dacat profile pic Alumni

Ha ha ha, that statement in the corner is priceless, I wish that was on the shirt in small print on the back or somewhere

bananaphone profile pic Artist

The very way I colour my subs means that I couldn't possibly make a line like that by mistake. I wouldn't expect you to know that though mindtrance, since all your subs seem to play off actually knowing anything about typography.


Oh... was that supposed to be a diss Matt? You must be getting soft in your young age.


since all your subs basically look the same i can't imagine this taking you more than five minutes to make. I know it's your "style" but every design with a person in it looks almost exactly the same and it's quite boring. The whole random thing doesn't really work when you're TRYING to be "random".

bananaphone profile pic Artist

yes whinge is a word, check out

and stars, this is a recomposition of an old design, its supposed to look the same. That's "the point" just incase you missed it.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

oh wait sorry, I thought i had the potato snake thing open, people should be complaining about randomness with that, not this.

And this person is drawn in a different style to my usual people, check out the differences for yourself.


that's not what i'm saying. It isn't much of a point that you're making. I had no clue that it's a recomposition of an old one, what i'm saying is that all your designs look the same and it gets boring.

you need to take your head out of your ass.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

all of glennz's, d3d's, tom burn's, and so on's designs look the same too, go have a cry to them about their styles.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

That's the beauty of threadless, if you think one artist is boring, there's plenty of others. Don't try to change me into someone else. If it's so much of a concern to you, why aren't you encouraging an artist you actually like instead of talking shit about one that you don't.


i'm not trying to change you at all. And it's really not a concern to me at all, i just stated my opinion on the design.

You always have such a shitty attitude towards people who arent praising your designs.

You're so rude to everyone here and your head is way too big from all the "omg banana phone is the best" comments. Your designs are poorly done and tired. It doesn't look like you put any effort into them at all. It's nothing that we havn't seen . . .85 times before.


I still love jray's quote in my profile... that was some funny shit.

tesco profile pic Alumni
1 design submitted - Score Now!

lol at mead drinking. 5'd for the line of the beard going over the thumb.


I totaly love your style. Great stuff all together. Good luck especially with this one. Brilliant, what can I say? 5$

Frank Vice

i think you're onto something here. $5

bananaphone profile pic Artist

J-ray, wanna know something funny? That you go on about how you don't know whether you're good enough to be a designer to girls on threadless in private.

Yep, ouch.

I never said I could draw, and I certainly never sell myself as an illustrator. Yet somehow you'll see my illustrations in every coles store in queensland soon enough. Where are yours? What are you doing with your so called talent? Absolutely fucking nothing but whinging in other peoples posts, YET AGAIN.


Oh dear.

I liked this design, but all this bitching and point-scoring is just pathetic.

And bananaphone - you need to learn to take criticism better.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

I dont mind criticism, but the 2 people doing it to be assholes, not to actually offer anything in the realm of constructive advice. Infact I am disapointed that I am not criticised as much these days. Criticism means im doing a good job. So get over the whole "he can't take criticism" bullshit, because I like it more than all the 5$s most of the time.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

you do that renfrew, you do that...


Hmm, it looks as if he's holding up a fake beard. DAMN POSER!

mikemills profile pic Alumni

People do like me more because of my beard. Except for Mormons.



you want criticism? that's what my first comment was. i wasn't trying to be an asshole, i was criticizing your design.


Holy cow, you people grouse a lot at each other without saying anything funny in the process.

If you wanna have a bitchfest, could you please make it wittier?

And...before someone gets nasty and wants to rip me a new one (I've noticed a trend), no, I haven't submitted anything because everything I draw sucks too much, so you're ALL better than me, okay? My advice is rarely very helpful, just my thoughts/observations/opinions.

I was going to say that I liked the line through the thumb because it's unexpected. And I was going to say that beards are icky but funny...great on Santa, but a complete turn-off otherwise. I was also going to mention that I've known two large women with full beards that they quit bothering to shave...and one who had a soul patch/goatee thing going on. I don't think it made them more popular, but it definitely made it tough to talk to them--had to make a distinct effort NOT to let the eyes drift down and marvel at all that wild hair.

Bananaphone, I think it's great that you have your own style, and I look forward to seeing it like I look forward to seeing all the phenomenal artists who post subs here. However, you really seem to take the bait on negative comments. Yikes.

Now I'm done whinging (yes, it's a real word).

bananaphone profile pic Artist

"its funny that he thinks emily and j-ray are doing it to be assholes."

I was refering to you and j-ray actually. Emily is fine. You're apparently quite stupid.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

and meph posts like yours are far more helpful, criticism or not, than "this is poo" for the sake of being an asshole.


i do enjoy the fighting.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

houston, we have a fake account.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

because emily can express herself intelligently. Something urbanraptor and j-ray could learn from.

renfrue profile pic Alumni

renfrew on Apr 26 '07
I have a beard and I drink mead. I actually make my own mead (and beer and hard cider). I am a little concerned about the thumb. If the thumb was fixed, and this gets printed, maybe I will post of picture of me wearing the shirt while drinking mead!

Oh my stars, another renfrue (frew)


brillianT! pogonphiles rejoice!


er....pogonophiles that is


You've been printed several times for a reason. Ignore the jealous people. I this is great. My boyfriend has a beard, I would buy two of these tees in a heartbeat.

btw, I love the shirt you did for, but I wish they had printed girls sizes as well.... why is it only for the lads???

bananaphone profile pic Artist

I have no idea wimbels, they usually have a seperate page for girls and guys for each tee though. You might have some luck with the smallest guys size if you are desperate, their tees are slim fitting and nice fabric. They don't use AA btw, but its very similar.

(matthijs) profile pic Alumni

I'm a beard man myself, so great stuff, you're on a good roll lately.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

maki has commented, you may now return to your regular programming/actually talking about the t-shirt.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

ergh... I DO deal with criticism, I also deal with stupid wanks that troll around on my subs trying to stir shit. The 2 are very different things, don't mistake one for the other.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

yes well it was either that or wed be up to j-ray saying "poo poo" for the tenth time now.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

lets make art is a parody of an old creative director I had. HE would never do anything quite like in the illustration, but he always claimed that everything in it's own way was art. So it was basically a sketch on the train to work taking the piss out of him a bit.


lol. i couldn't stop laughing. awesome. 5.


yay i love beards!! Need this shirt... not so hot on the colour sceme but it wont take much to convince me to buy this thing!!! mwah love the idea


I'm a fan of you, your designs, and this shirt! The trolling spammers are just jealous. :)


holy balls all these comments could make book

a shitty book
but this design would make a good tee


oh, apparently it ended one day ago lol
good score bp

Frank Vice

(print this threadless)


oh god i hope this gets printed.


godflammit I SAID PRINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bananaphone profile pic Artist

it wasn't printed and thus there is no t-shirt page.


print this


Print! Unless this has been printed elsewhere without my knowledge?

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