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I'm not gonna try and explain what's going on here, but Grindel is in a whole lotta trouble 'cause ov his/it's big tongue.
He's no relation to one ov my other submissions (Butterfly Licker) before yi ask!
(cheers finkebstein)


So good, so inspired. I want this - $5


I don't think I want to know what the little nub is between his legs...


smaller or drastically bigger. but good good good! ... good stuff .

azrielen profile pic Alumni

Awesome illustration style.


I would suggest using a muted red tone for the tongue, rather than the bright red that you selected.

I don't know how I feel about the red tears. Regular tears I could understand (if I had a bomb on my tongue, I'd be spilling tears, too!) but I do not understand the significance of red tears.

It's not a design that I would wear, but I like the creativity of it!

hyphen8 profile pic Artist

yellowtankgirl - I sketched it out on Tuesday evening, then scanned and placed it into adobe illustrator, where I simply re-drew it using the pencil tool set to a 0.25pt stroke.
I guess I didn't have to make the tears red, but sticking to the 4 colours max (black, white, tan and red) I wanted to make the tongue, tears and skull's eyes stand out slightly.

Thanks 'all' for the positive feedback so far, and taking the time...cheers x

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