Grim Reaper's Brother

Design by Ava Adore

Grim Reaper's Brother by Ava Adore on Threadless
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I like the color scheme too =)

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

it's been a long time sarah..

cha-ching ;)


neapolitan.... simple but effective.


yeah there are tail bones but they end much further up the tail, the nose looks pretty accurate. i really like it-looks like one of the four horseman of the apocalypse. $5


it's a good idea - but there are a few proportion problems and skeletal alignment issues - -

the tail length doesn't bug me, and i see the horse's scapula - but the head/neck needs work - the vertebrae should go into the base of the skull - and the size of the horse in proportion to the human seems too small - -

the rider should probably be seated farther back - and the position is awfully stiff - -

as someone looking over my shoulder said "apparently death likes to trot along on a miniature pony/zebra in english riding style" - -

my suggestions for a resub would be to use more dynamic/action poses (watch some horse racing) - or, if you want to go with the girly "not death" idea you need to kitsch it up waaay more

herky profile pic Alumni

nice work.

Ava Adore
Ava Adore profile pic Artist

Thanks for your comments everyone!.
those changes can be easily done in minutes :D ..but no need to resub.


Really love it! ; )

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