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Great idea, but the E's pattern is lost on me. Is that a bandana pattern some gangstas wear? What is it ?

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Fresh colors! I think I love it.


dr. elusis, your comment made me laugh so hard!

but anyway... i like this. :)


I dunno. There are hip ghettos too. Big thing now in my city is that the poorest neighborhood had a lot ofproperty bought up and they put in wacky art restaurants and handmade creative shoe stores. now the people can't afford to live near their families because the cost of local property went up so much.
Right. Like the concept of the shirt.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

nice concept.
[would like to see it less 'clean', it seems a bit fresh for the ghetto]and dont worry about stupid comments like racism, when in fact callin this racist is being racist...


it's classist not racist...


^stewy, why do you think this is horrible ? I think it's making a clever statement about why people would want to move out of the ghetto. I just read the wikipedia entry for "ghetto" and it said, "Some people in the U.S. and Europe strongly dislike the term ghetto, believing to have racist, elitist and culturally insensitive overtones,". I don't see any of those traits in this design (no race, class or culture is presented).

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this is great. congrats!

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yodelingyak on Jan 10 '07
A ghetto was a term that was used for a place where Jews were forced to live. Now it's taken on a whole different meaning, and some would argue a worse one. I don't know why this won. I find it horribly offensive to a lot of people, and would never wear it.

what a wimp.

courtney pie

just got one.


(and i'm not some rich trendy white kid...)

courtney pie

love the shirt, but just realized one of the letters is a blue bandana, which is the Cryp color bandana, so you could get shot... in LA


I havnt bought this shirt, but I liked it on first sight, and after reading a lot of the comments and lookin closer at the design still like it. I don't consider it racist esp. since there are no references to race at all. I don't think its meant to be taken too seriously, ie. like a lot of popular culture references to the ghetto. (from someone not rich or white, but hopefully trendy)

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