Green Apple

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Green Apple by Rockslide on Threadless
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mezo profile pic Alumni

Love love LOVE the way the R and the N act like a frame. That is really rad lettering.


actually I saw it as an 'e' before I saw that it was an apple. I like it as it is...maybe for a bit more appeal make the bite bigger now that I look at it again but to me it was plain and I personally really like the stroop effect...some bandwagons are worth hopping on for a while...


oh i remember these things, where you have a list of words that are all different colours and you have to say the colour the word is and not the actual word. sorta.... anyways, very nice.


.... the stroop effect doesn't really work for me in this case... cus I can read green apple fine...or say red without works better in a string of words.

THAT nitpicking aside

I like it alot =D


love it. ur good. 5$.


ooooh this is coolest shirt $5 for sure LOVE IT

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Very slick. I like it.

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