Greed - Mine, mine, all mine!

Design by rodrigobhz

Greed - Mine, mine, all mine! by rodrigobhz on Threadless
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rodrigobhz profile pic Artist

Greed - "Mine, mine, all mine!" - is the 5th design of my "The 7 deadly Sins project". This one has only 3 colors and one of them is UV ink - on the pee spots - and works on white and natural t-shirts. I think natural is the best option :)

The project is about making 7 designs based on the "7 deadly sins" and all of them involving animals in funny situations. The sins are shown in subtle ways and there is no religious ties.

If you want to know more about the working process, please click here to see the WIP blog and know the other 6 designs! I'll sub one design per week and I hope you like it :)

Thank you!

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Ahahah she got peed on.

This is great Rodrigo! I love this series of yours.


so funny!!! awesome series, dude! i got to have them all!

evan3 profile pic Alumni

def 5
in the fish bowl


my dog doesn't pee all around, but she certainly thinks everything is hers.

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

Hahaha this is awesome! This concept is perfect for the sin of "greed".


hehehehehe.....another great take on the sins!

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

great! 5$

ben chen
ben chen profile pic Alumni



this is hilarious!

VaVa Pie

so good


Poor fish.
My favorite so far! $5


one of my favorites of the series!


So clever!!! Great job I love these!


haha great!

Santo76 profile pic Alumni

yes! totally cool dude!
I wish they printed all of them...

nasmo profile pic Alumni

This is one of my favorites of the series. I love how it works without the UV ink, and then works on another level once you see it in the sun.

rodrigobhz profile pic Artist

Never underestimate a greedy dog. He can do anything!

ps: Btw, did you noticed that he doesn't peed on the bone? And you ask me, why? Because he can be greedy but not stupid. He does not pee where he eats :P

anwarrafiee profile pic Alumni

this is truly awesome my friend! great job as always!

Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Alumni

I love a good pee joke!

Dexter Spandex

these are really cool - love your sins range!

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

haha great work love it


haha, love your comment about the bone! i wonder how he managed to get it all the way up there on the clock!? good luck! :)

cartooner profile pic Alumni

id prly buy this if it was in that original green color you tried and it wasnt UV ink because i want to see the pee stains all the time!

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