Great Scott!

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Great Scott! by RaveDave on Threadless
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I thought it was called the "pit bull" also the fonts kinda wreck it for me - but I scored you high nonetheless




my name is Marty was like...made FOR me...I need this...$5

neon electric

I'm still waiting for these boards to come out. Brilliant design $5


these boards did come out not that much longer after this movie too. it was in like china or some crazy place, but they had issues concerning kids really hurting themselves


I adore Back to the Future. This design is not original and the hoverboard is sort of hidden. I 'd wear it because I'm a fan. $3

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Really fun idea and nostalgia trip, but the design could use some re-organization. The board is way too obscured and should be presented well over all other features of the design. The Thunderbolt part could have a thunderbolt underneath the words or wrapping around them, but the giant obscuring and out-of-place lightning bolt really detracts from the shirt's overall impact. The NEW! could either be erased or in place of Thunderbolt, and i would 5$ this design in no time flat. nice work, it just needs some do-over time.


One point for having Marty in your design.
One point for having the Doc in your design.
One point for having reference to the hover board, a device I have longed to own.
I think the lightning bolt should go behind the board.
Basically version 2 is my favourite.
So at present you get a shiny 4!


ha ha. a must have for me $5

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