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The first collaboration between EricDiaz and Frickinawesome shows the everyday drama and outrageous trauma of life at the most glamorous animal hospital in all of Seattle. McCreamy and his team are busy making their rounds between the EKG grass, barnspital and tractulance. Not pictured: The Bessie Cow-Tipping Rehabilitation Center.


w/o looking at the title, i totally didn't get it. fans of the show will really like it though. the tractor/barn details are nice.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

cooool 5$


Awesome collab, guys! 5$

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yessir, it's up! Thanks for all the comments so far, and chelly and s2tees I agree with you, it is a bit hard to get without the title.

I think that's the fun of the tee tho, since it's an amusing picture without knowing what it really means, and when people come in for a closer inspection and are told the pun, it would become a fun time of seeing all the details that point towards said pun.

I hope. EricDiaz did such an amazing job bringing this tough pun to life and thanks to the bloggers for helping us making up our minds on certain pieces.

walmazan profile pic Alumni

wow wow wow, great stuff, and great colab!, $5

EricDiaz profile pic Artist

woohoo! it's up, thanks guys!


lol! awesome work guys. great detailz


Really clever, creative, and well illustrated design! I love the grass (very funny)! $5


this shirt is bananas!!

five dolla!


i love it, but the title really does make it.
maybe one of those rare cases where text is needed?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Hey all! Once again to reiterate, I don't think the title of the shirt makes the image, it's just the icing on the cake when you tell someone the goofy pun. Eric and I felt the image stood on its own visually without the need for text on the tee, plus when people were told the pun when I was previewing it for friends, their faces lit up with recognition with the barest mention of the title. But who knows, I might be fooling myself.

littleclyde profile pic Alumni

Nice work you two - great composition, lots of fun little details and there's something about that red barn that I just really love.

DaniellesGarden profile pic Alumni

I completely disagree about the title making this shirt.

Cows in doctors uniforms.. a barn that looks like a hospital, The Seattle Skyline. Ive never watched the show and with those elements I could have put it together to get the pun. The imagery here is hilarious. Great Job guys!

EricDiaz profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions! You're right squatterjohn it is McCreamy, thanks to V1ctorya for the name!


nice illustration...but i didn't get it...and don't watch the show...

JW profile pic Alumni

haha i love the cows face in the closeup :D 5


The art is good enough that you can enjoy the shirt even if you don't get it and I guess 99% won't get it.


Haha my favorite show.. this is awesome.5$

EricDiaz profile pic Artist

Thanks again everyone! only 3 more days now...

dacat profile pic Alumni

ha ha ha, great collab you guys!

abeadle profile pic Alumni

i haven't ever seen the show, but the idea of dr. and nurse cows is great, $5


I really like this and it looks good on the tee.


I live in Seattle and can tell you factually that all the farmers send their cows here when they get a case of moo-monia.

$5 & a bale of hay


Ahahahahah Twiggy!

The EKG grass and gossiping cows are my favorite parts!

dhectwenty profile pic Alumni

nice, very clever!

love the collabs!


really funny :)

EricDiaz profile pic Artist

Sweet! I'm glad you guys like it, almost done scoring now...


i can't believe i almost missed this! nice one, guys!!!

walmazan profile pic Alumni


EricDiaz profile pic Artist

Thanks for the support walmazan!!

EricDiaz profile pic Artist


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