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gravity calls

Design by homero

gravity calls by homero on Threadless
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Brilliantly drawn, very eye-catching, but the whole suicide theme is getting very thin for me. You're obviously a talented artist: I'd love to see you do something where the originality matches your skill.

d3d profile pic Alumni

cool perspective, and i don't see it as suicidal. jumpers don't pack a bag to take with them.

homero profile pic Artist

well thank you very much to you all!! i wasn´t very confident about it, being the first thing i do. it really cheered me up.


has he just robbed a bank? I'd buy that for 5$


suicidal? or just a small wall? i'll go with the later.


Nicely done! Not really suicidal; triumphant, even.

homero profile pic Artist

today´s the last day for voting.
i´d like to thank you all personally for passing by and leaving all of your great comments. as said, this is my first submission, hope to have more soon but for the time being i´m really glad with the outcome of this one. see you around!

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