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Granny Snack

Design by dacat

Granny Snack by dacat on Threadless
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dacat profile pic Artist

Granny is gonna get you...

dacat profile pic Artist

Aw, I'm kinda bummed this didn't make it into the ThreadlessKids site...oh well

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Oh man....the composition of this shirt and how neato the design looks on the shirt sample is just absolute killerness. 4$ for the cutest version of Grindhouse's "Death Proof" in existence.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

this really shoulda ended up on TL kids - great job 5$


Deathcab_cutie on May 03 '07
*first comment ((go me!))
haha lmao!
i love the cars faces
and how the grandma is drawn
it's way funny but not sure i would wear

everything from your user name to your weak excalmation at being the first idiot to score a design screams originality

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