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Grand Illusion

Design by They Call Me Special K

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Robsoul profile pic Alumni

^ yeah, da bears had me laughing

love the execution style and colors, keep up the good work


I like it a lot, but it shouldn't be so big on the shirt.


Spectacular caricatures and idea. Eventhough it's not really my thing I would probably still buy it! I would be nice to see it on different shirt colors (Cre'me or Lemon by AA shirts standards would be nice). Black might work if you alow a "border" around objects as if they were cut or ripped from your sketch book and placed there.


Just a thought, I have too many "tan" shirts, I just thought a lighter/brighter shirt like lemon or something would accentuate this shirts FUN nature. I know black is a far cry from what you have here, but can be done (not saying it will be your favorite choice though), because black lines could be the shirt, blue-1 yellow-2 grey-3 "white"(or whatever BG color)-4. It would take some extra work to get the right "border" look though and you may not like the idea anyway which is cool (and your choice of course).

Gringz profile pic Alumni

cool, bring on the huge noses. you should try experimenting with different line weights, and working on he composition so they aren´t just floating around the shirt


I must have this.


interesting idea but the drawing just isn't my style

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