Gorgon Girlfriend

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Gorgon Girlfriend by nealteak on Threadless
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i like it :)
the shades on the guy are a nice touch. if that light green is a color choice that's the one i'd go with.
good luck!

nealteak profile pic Artist

This could probably use a better title -- even "My Girlfriend's A Gorgon" is better than what I came up with when I submitted. I thought about something like "Problematic" or "But I Love Her Anyway" or something. I dunno. Am bad with the titles. Anyway. :)


I'd like it better if she had normal legs and her hair was just made of snakes. Then it would be a 5$


isn't a gorgon one of those rock people off of zelda.
if so it doesn't match the title. maybe it is goron not sure.
is gorgon a name of snake ?

azrielen profile pic Alumni

For some reason, this reminds me of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.....


nealteak profile pic Artist

lol except if it were tom and katie then he'd be half her size.
maybe katie does have scales underneath her clothes. who knows.
not a zelda shirt. though i love zelda too. but yeah, this is a gorgon not a goron.

nealteak profile pic Artist

oh and thanks brotherman for providing some mythology 101 :)


been playing God of War lately so i'm digging the ancient greece theme, i'd like the snakes to have eyes.


I like it. only thing I'm not real keen on is the red bits. Good work.

nealteak profile pic Artist

just for the record, peeps, medusa was ONE gorgon, and a mortal one at that. gorgons are often depicted as having a snake like lower body -- medusa always has legs in the movies because that's easy and saves on the FX budget. this gorgon is not medusa specifically. nor is she katie holmes. sigh. :)

nealteak profile pic Artist

thx for the comments, crew

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