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Goorpapa! by pokermonk on Threadless
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The story behind the design is better than the design.

Get the paper looking like an old newspaper, and
the superhero looking like it/he/she is homeless,
and bring in the attempt to barter and my score
will shoot way up.

I like your playful attitude. Threadless has some
dark corners needing more of that.


I finally figured out that's Wolverine
in the design with the toothy grin!

It appears he's proud of his graduation
from Charles Xavier's School for Gifted
Youngsters by smiling while holding
up both arms and his diploma. Way to
go Wolvie!


that's crazy-cute. $5.


Yay! The good kind of odd. I wish the explanation were more conveyed in the shirt. I've been wading through crappy and ordinary designs so it's good to see this one, pokermonk.


and good shirt color choice :D

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