Gooey Revolución

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Gooey  Revolución by eskimokiss on Threadless
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slender fungus

aaaaw man. i liked the light pink and blue on banana. i was so ready to cough up big bucks for that shirt! oh well, it's still the best sub in a while!


like this a lot better than the stuff you put in the blogs, very well done

Ava Adore

very very nice!

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

I agree, the brown one is much better. 4!


brown! it looks like ice cream. yummy!

limetree profile pic Alumni

it looks best on brown imo.


YUM on brown!!!

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I like it on the choc or even the purple! very cool, abstract and sensual, makes me think of sex

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

errr not because of the absurd comments up above but because eating my favorite ice cream with gooey choclate is "sexual healing"

mezo profile pic Alumni

How did you take simple circles & overdone drips and make them look so appealing and five-buyable? You're a master of art.


this one is one I will give a 5 and buy and actually will buy if the girls is on brown ... actually, I don't hate the green ... the design is great on the green, but I don't wear green ... brown and 5 and buy


Girls' on brown, and I'm all over this. $5.


they look like boobies to me. awkward, misshapen boobies.

and yet, it's still appealing.

very curious.

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