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Goodfeathas by quick-brown-fox on Threadless
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quick-brown-fox profile pic Artist

Inspired by the film Goodfellas and a day out to a falconry centre. Simulated process on Silver Grey or Cream. A massive thanks to everyone who helped out on my wip blog, especially igo2cairo who took me under his proverbial wing! Hope you like :)

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Love the presentation, Hope this prints 5$

Resistance profile pic Alumni

this is fantastic!

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

very well done 5$

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

YES! $5

myteemo profile pic Alumni

Excellent job on the coloring.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Wonderfully drawn, but I really don't see any solid connection between birds and one of the seminal mobster movies of all time. Good luck to you!

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Very clever idea, love the job you did on the colouring, textures and composition! $5

RicoMambo profile pic Alumni

Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci. Even they look like them. I think that 21 comments is bad joke. Great, great work, man!!!!! 5$$$$$ Look at De Niro's eyes:) fantastic


crazy good illustration, great job.


Lol, nice! 5


nice work! this turned out great!

pop kid

the one on the right looks like someone but i am not sure who. cool illo

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

What about the Goodfeathers from Animaniacs? I think they made more sense because they were pigeons and are found in the city... ya know?


absolutely tremendous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


clever title and nice artwork :)

baumer5 profile pic Alumni


Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

Haha this is so awesome dude. You're the man!


nice texture!! 5$

Fievel the Mouse

great drawing indeed, but i think it needs a little more to link it to the movie

quick-brown-fox profile pic Artist

Thanks, I understand what you're saying, but after exploring various gangster/film themes in the design process I decided against them. I just tried to work a tiny little bit of the actors face in to the birds' and the new york skyline. Once again though, thanks for your comment.

mangobajito profile pic Alumni

Really cool design and presentation!


the goodfeathers were on 'animaniacs' n they were zany to the max


turned out great dude!


$5 Totally amazing, I hope that this bags you your first print dude.


Excellent work-it really looks like them 5


Liotta, De Niro and Pesci=ace!


missing the connection but applaud the effort on both presentation and illustration. front an idea standpoint, your trying a bit too hard and could come up with more creative ideas. don't force a pop-culture reference. the best ones are extremely simple and refreshing.

quick-brown-fox profile pic Artist

Thanks madam, the idea came very easily, the execution took a long time! The simple connection is fellas and feathers, but also a my personal, lifelong love of birds of prey. I know that this probably won't get printed, but it's something I am hugely proud of and wouldn't change a thing. I spent a long time as a kid obsessed with birds of prey, drawing the all of the time, as well as otters, bugs bunny and haunted houses! I learnt a lot from this, thanks to igo2cairo, and I believe the journey as just as important as the destination.

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Whoa, that's a really disappointing score. :( You've got the right attitude though and that's what's important, really looking forward to your next sub!

Actually, what may have caused problems is not enough visual cues linking it to the concept, think this is def worth a re-work sometime in the future.

quick-brown-fox profile pic Artist

Cheers Terry, taking a break for a few weeks. A little disappointed seeing the effort I put in, but hardly surprising given that pop-culture references are taking a kicking at the moment! At least it wasn't a mario zombie.

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