Good old time game

Design by Patrick Seymour

Good old time game by Patrick Seymour on Threadless
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Patrick Seymour
Patrick Seymour profile pic Artist

Everybody want play with this again


I love Light Brite! And you're right. I do want to play with one again. I just got one for my niece for Christmas, and now I'm jealous of her. =)


Ooops. Sorry. It's actually LITE Brite. =)

herky profile pic Alumni

great illustration

Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

Aww! memories!
I like old stuff like this on a t-shirt!! :D Great illustration, color & concept!
I wanna buy it! PLEASE!

Patrick Seymour
Patrick Seymour profile pic Artist

go for it my friend and thanks for your comments


oooh! I was just thinking about my old lite brite a few days ago. My mom gave mine away and i'm still a little bitter...

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I SWORE this was a Glennz design before i looked at who submitted it, due to the perspective and style. I wish there was more of a joke to what is on the lite brite itself, but very well drawn nontheless.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

cool..great execution...5$

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni

I thought Glennz right away as well. Nicely done. 5

Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

do i heard some jealousy here?
I think it's really great! I love the color and perspective!

Patrick Seymour
Patrick Seymour profile pic Artist

hahaha I can only use 5 colors :P that why I use bleu peg ...


niice, try it on a black shirt I think the design will look sweet.

Montro profile pic Alumni

I like it :)

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