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DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

what is going on here?


The thing standing on the mike looks like a mutant pooping a dragon tail. What is it supposed to be?

zenbolic vision
zenbolic vision profile pic Artist

hay courtney love, press the link above for details, thanks all,,


Someone reverted to a baby finding a laptop for the first time... pokes amita123

zenbolic vision
zenbolic vision profile pic Artist

i duno i wish they do blocking system here as well or deleting comments cause i my self sometime post wrong ones, there must be more strict system here to block unwanted matters, cause any one can just easily make profile and go on perzerk lol anyway its all good, atleast u know ur on track,,,


Somebody fell asleep on their keyboard... Or fainted...
Anyways cool Tee!


i like the front part but not the back one.

zenbolic vision
zenbolic vision profile pic Artist

yah that why i posted those links! in first comment and then again after it lol hope they get see it more its one day left!!!

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