Golden (Na)palm

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Golden (Na)palm by Jebs on Threadless
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first, i'm very happy that this design was accepted, because i wanted to have your opinions thanks you Threadless!
vlad3060> then, well, why is it a bit dated? i mean, history, should never be forgotten eh?
exin> I love the states, but it is not the point here, so the fact that you are americans shouldn't influence you in your vision of this design is a form of allegory, can see a little more if you want to, but i won't say more ^^
thanks for comments ;-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

so, it's a style of parable if you prefer :-)


Why does the text piss you off "as an american?"
Face up to the facts.
Nice design, but i don't like to wear my politics. There are way to many ingnorant and naive people out there.

Jebs profile pic Artist

trancer> thanks! yes, there are...


I don't like guns on tee, but here, i have to admitt that i like the message a lot, so why not wear this ! 5$ for me, without a doubt. Good job :)

Jebs profile pic Artist

lol, at least, that's clear...this type of design isn't appreciated at all ;-)


Eh ho !! Ne généralise pas, y en a qui ont aimé :p

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