golden deer

Design by le_hell

golden deer by le_hell on Threadless
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sonmi profile pic Alumni

hahaha, this is so great!!


i hate that text

but the illustration is intersting
a bag over the head?

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Love it in every way. 5$


i say no text, and maybe add some space between the horse and the deer

i like it, it's odd



mini dukes III

$5 just because it's hilarious.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

my 5 are belong to this.


herbuveaux, how the hell can you say that. so you dont like the concept or whatever, it deserves at least a 3 for the sheer beauty of the illustration. i perosnally think evryone should give it a 5, cuz its fantastic, and if youll buy it, then give it a $.

and everyone whos saying no text, dont just say that to every sub with text in it. text is bad when its a caption or headline or when its in some lame font that doesnt fit the design. a hand drawn font, that contributes to the design or sorta gives it some spunk should be kept

Ava Adore

whao, cool!


your shirt designs remind me of someone elses on here, and i like his as well!



I am INLOVE with this one
I was just thinking to myself to "man this crop of submissions has few winners" then this comes up and Im in love

it could be a touch better without the text
but I'd still buy it


jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Le_Hell, you have some of the oddest design ideas I've ever seen. Odd is not a bad thing at all, sometimes it is, if it's not executed well. But your execution is amazing and you pull off your completely out there ideas every time. For that I give you a $5. This is sooooo weird. I want to buy it, wear it, and have everyone look at me trying to figure it out.
If anyone asks, I'll just look at them weird back and be like "Are you serious?! How do you not get it?!"



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