Golden Cage

Design by kooky love

Golden Cage by kooky love on Threadless
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adam antium
adam antium profile pic Alumni

looks beautiful.

Montro profile pic Alumni

Those birds look GREAT $5

herky profile pic Alumni

great illo and marble texture on the yellow cage, $5


Your message is so well executed. It really stands as evidence to other designers that many times text is unnecessary and actually weakens a design when compared to a more creative way to say the same thing with an image or picture. Great job, kooky love !


one of my favorite subs for this competition =)


Very nice

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Artist
1 design submitted - Score Now!

Thanks guys for nice comments. They are mocking birds. I design it to fits with the theme of the contest "One of These Days". The mocking bird is the best songster in the bussiness. This thin, grey bird can imitate other birds, creaking doors, squeeks, rattles and whistles! (In early summer when the days are long, it even sings at night). Look for it sitting in some exposed area as it sings (like a TV aerial or telephone pole) and look for the flash of white on its wings as it flies. I think this kind of bird reflecting the singer's character. They always can sing everywhere they live. We all need to move out sometimes, whether we like it or not. But don't forget we sing our song unlimited by place. Let's sing, guys! :)

ladykat profile pic Alumni

aw, i like this!

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Great idea, great colors, great illustration.

BubuSam profile pic Alumni

Nice work!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
2 designs submitted - Score now!

very nice and seemingly simplistic exceution of a complex theme and/or insight. 4$.

Jemae profile pic Alumni
2 designs submitted - Score now!

Well Done Job! Interesting Design/IdeA! =) 5$!

huebucket profile pic Alumni

$5 print print print!!

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Amazing! There's just something special about this design. Many kudos to you!!


5$ hoping for a print :)

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

great idea, very original,,,suepr 5

dacat profile pic Alumni

Wow, this is superb! $5

jimmytan profile pic Alumni

nice nice! luv it!

ysy101 profile pic Alumni

great colors! $5

PeculiarTiffany profile pic Alumni

Great concept! You definately put a lot of thought into this design. :) I love it! It would look great on pretty much any color tee too, which makes it even better. $5!

andyg profile pic Alumni

Excellent! $5


how did you get her to be your model???

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Artist
1 design submitted - Score Now!

i have made contest to reach models in my submissions. See my blog titled "Who want to be my model in my submissions?"


It's me!! Hah you're the best. 5$!!!

Ava Adore

O0O0O0O great!


Awesome! Reminds me of The Awakening.

Raid71 profile pic Alumni

excellent idea

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