God is not human

Design by el peligro

God is not human by el peligro on Threadless
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Yellow, gray and blue work most for me. Like it a lot.

staffell profile pic Alumni

please don't spam your link around here

staffell profile pic Alumni

Don't be a dick, I asked nicely. And don't email me either, that's rude.


love the details.
it's so intriguing.

olie! profile pic Alumni

very nice design, great color choices


i would lik it better without the writing just the animals and stuff sorry

staffell profile pic Alumni

ok dude, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt as you are new to submitting.

have a look here for some tips on promoting your design.

and good luck!

Dexter Spandex

bumping only works in the critique area.
nice colourful shapes and stuff. i'd prefer it without the 'God is..' line, but it's still a nice design.

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whether the designs are good are bad I love this site. i gives so many different artists and opprotunity to get their stuff out there.

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Better on yellow without any text, more centered and bigger!


a lot going on up there...

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