Gloomy Sunday

Design by mezo

Gloomy Sunday by mezo on Threadless
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Luke... profile pic Alumni

the line work is fluid and feminin, as always.
love the window being on the back. the colors used are perfect choices, they add to the uneasy/creepy feeling of the design.
great illustration and design...

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

zombies are just friggin awesome

especially when they are dancing!

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

Awesome zombie sub. I really like the perspective and the window on the back.

My only nitpick would be that the glass in the window looks weird. It looks more like car winshield glass than plate glass. That's a TINY non-part of this awesome illustration, though.

5 + $


That's a great design, and I'm scared too, but that is a different story. 5$$$

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Best of the Urban Legend subs. This socks... I mean rocks.

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Brilliant - love the detail. In the next frame her head falls off, right?


grayehound profile pic Alumni

...but they couldn't stop dancing, even in death! bwhahahahahahahaha! Beautiful linework, mez...I love the gory little details!

filak profile pic Alumni

Dancing every night ! $5 ;)


I love this.. not sure if I'd wear it but the window itself is tempting me to buy it.. not sure why. Great drawings!


Go mezo, go! $5


dammit, now i've got that vanilla ice track in my head.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

You have a fantastic heiny... I'd like to be friends with it.

5 & x x x...


i like the illustration - but the colors are a bit too harsh - i think more subtle colors would fit the story better

still a 5

mezo profile pic Artist

Torrellte- You may be right. I wanted to give a classical feel to the art (which is why the zombies are wearing classic clothing)...but the legend was basically a starting point of what to create. After reading up on the song, I immediately thought of zombies in love. Maybe instead of reading about the song, i will try to find it for a listen! Thanks for the comment!

i carn't spel- No way! You should STILL post your sub! It appears it means so much to you, so go for it! I'm sure our interpretations are vastly different.

rudra- Sometimes harsh colors are just fun. And a good way to lighten up a situation. I didn't want a 'gothic' looking piece. Oh well!

Thanks all for your comments & kind words!

mezo profile pic Artist

PSST....whirzle...I had a pain in the ass time on the glass. Making shattered glass look like, well shattered glass, was HARD!

herky profile pic Alumni

nice color palette and illustration. The webs on the piano are a nice touch.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

!!!!!!!!!! so what happens if their legs fall off? awesome lines as always

Ava Adore


jublin profile pic Alumni

i like how it's big and fat. those kind of prints are the best because they remind me of my belly.

good colors too. did you come up with those all on your own? i'm so proud of my little mexo.

i mean mezo.


Mecca Lecca High, Mecca Hiney Ho!


like you didnt know that by now, word!

_Wheels03 profile pic Alumni

Oooooo, mezo horny!

Jenna Lupey

wow that is one of the coolest things i have ever read and seen
i would definetly buy this

Gringz profile pic Alumni

cool looking ghouls 5!




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