Global Warming gets Ugly

Design by briancook

Global Warming gets Ugly by briancook on Threadless
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The penguin resembles Feathers McGraw! Nice job...

reneehartig profile pic Alumni

Hee Hee! The penguin looks so detached, I love it! Great Idea Chengui!!! $5


i thought polar bears had black skin under their fur


haha, yeah, they have.. =)
other than that i like the idea...

briancook profile pic Artist

simastick - isn't that what March of the Penguins was about?
As far as the skin color goes, I just don't think black skin would have the same bare-naked look (no pun intended).

briancook profile pic Artist

At first I didn't know what everyone was talking about when they said Feathers McGraw. Once someone said Wallace and Gromit I see it right away. Not intentional (possibly subconsciously though since I watched those movies as a kid). I just saw it as a comical duo (yes, even though it is unrealistic that they would be in the same place at the same time...they are linked by the fact that they would be affected by global warming).

Thanks for all the comments!

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