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oh this is cool! i think you might not even need that light brown outline!


Like it on brown, makes it look more retro. I would see if you can come up with a different "evil" symbol than a music note. It just seems like "evil music is taking over the world!". Or maybe no symbol at all?

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It's just wierd you trying to take a symbol and idea of world domination by the jewish stereotype that this represents and turning into a symbol of musical love for all. I'm all for subverting evil thoughts and media and using them for good, i just don't think this completely wins me over or convinces me the job has been done in a way that overcomes the evilness of the source material. Just being honest, and maybe this effects me more with all the anti-semitic crap i've had to deal with in my life. lol.

also, i think the octopus should have more to do with a music if you are using it in that way, with cleft note suckers or something like that.


Nice Octopus! Even if it's not sinister :)




GREAT design, even if I'd rather see it without the note I'll be shell out the clams for this one if it makes it. Yes, pun intended.


I feel you changed it to the musical note simply so you could crowbar it into this particular competition. Would have been stronger if you had just subbed it as was, although the whole inspiration behind it seems rather strange. Was the original piece of propaganda warning against Nazism or just plain third Reich propaganda ( which is always a bad starting point as far as inspiration goes ).


I love love LOVE large designs. Don't make it any smaller.

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I liek teh line work on this an the thought behind it is also interesting

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