Glass and Ghost Children

Design by Ellsswhere

Glass and Ghost Children by Ellsswhere on Threadless
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Robsoul profile pic Alumni

great palette and imagery. solid work.

staffell profile pic Alumni

I like it a lot Els

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

This is my favorite design from you, really nice and different. I like the colors and flow to it.

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

thankyou all for the comments... glad its up, hope you enjoy it... and by the way, this is just a tshirt design, it has NOTHING to do with the smashing pumpkins, its like back in the day in your early art or music classes where your teacher had you listen to music and draw what you heard in the music, I just made it much more literal and symbolic. Just a way of extracting ideas for a design

Ava Adore

<3 the pumpkins.
its great that they are writing a new album

awesome design!


save your $2000 for the ps3- the 360 and wii look shite.


sonmi profile pic Alumni

ellsswhere i didn't know this was yours! i love this, one of my few 5$


i'd a thought this would've scored way higher...

Ava Adore

yeah this should have scored wayy more

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Print this!

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