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Gladiators, Ready! by aled on Threadless
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Ste7en profile pic Alumni

You've always had an undeniable similarity to glennz, but this one makes me think you two are the same person. This is really great, and to be clear, I dont think that you being "more like glennz" makes you better, as your stuff is usually pretty great, I just mean it as an observation of styles.

aled profile pic Artist


I only used 4 colours for this sub becasue I was in a resourceful mood. Here is the critique.

To be fair, not much of a critique, but you can see the pencil and ink version if it takes yer fancy M'Lud.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

haha this is as good as it gets once again fatheed.
you piss me off sometimes cause I wish I could have even half the clever ideas you have.

aled profile pic Artist

I scrapped the colour version as it was looking a bit cheap, and went for the 'Classico' look. Its a real look don't you know.

Edword profile pic Alumni

get'm nitro! great job!


Nice! $5


Yes Maxximus Nitrus, I am entertained...

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

it is great! 5$


Haha, great!


fan-freaking-tastic. seriously.

dacat profile pic Alumni

I don't know Ste7en, I think fatheed / glennz are very different...I prefer this kinda humor over puns usually $5


you gotta giggle here... 5

herky profile pic Alumni

The shading, highlights and monotone colors are excellent. The $V is also a nice touch.

aled profile pic Artist

Thanks guys! It's not actually Nitro by the way. In the crits, he got labelled Malibu - but he's nobody in particular. The ambiguity of the monotone allows us to surmise that he may actually be a contender rather than a Gladiator. Perhaps we'll never know. You will go on my first whistle...

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yet another clever idea by you that i need to possess a copy of immediately if not sooner. Sweet sweet sweeeeeeeeeeeet design and concept Fatheed. Nothing could be better about this one. Excpet if i got one of this surely printed copies for free! 5$


Threadless, you will print on my first whistle!

Fatheed, where do get so many good ideas from??? $5

aled profile pic Artist

Haha. I'm not trying to do 'Glennz' and I'll carry on submitting whatever comes into my head - whether it's puns or pop-culture references or anything else I think will work on Threadless. Despite what you might think, Glennz doesn't have a monopoly on pop-culture designs.

And what do you mean, something more meaningful and something more me?! This is me! If you check any of my printed designs, you'll see that just about all of them are designed in this style. I'm not afraid to explore new approches (see last and pending designs) and I will continue this in the future. So I won't be taking your advice. Cheers.

aled profile pic Artist

Thank you MrD. I'm glad you like my work, but none of the designs you mentioned were printed and that is what it boils down to. I don't care for comparisons with Glen and I'm not trying to emulate him. He is the most successful designer at the visual pun, but he's been here 3 times as long, subbed probably 3 times as much, and got 3 times the prints. If there is a visual pun not done yet that I think will work, I'm not ever going to think - 'oh hang on, that's kinda Glennz thing'. Cheers for you thoughts though.




Reminds me of the show American Gladiators.

kennybanzai profile pic Alumni

Me and my friends would play american gladiators in the basement with nerf poppers and we'd also hang on the tree in the back yard and try and pull each other down with our legs. That was fun stuff. Nice Design Dude.

WhitneyBeth profile pic Alumni

this is really super-funny! so well done. i used to watch this show (should i be admitting that?).

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

totally exellent


add more color to it. kinda bland

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

If you check any of my printed designs, you'll see that just about all of them are designed in this style.

Party Pieces was not.

Good job on this one!

aled profile pic Artist

Thats why I said 'just about all of them'

mezo profile pic Alumni

Great illustration, as usual. Looks nice as a tone on tone design, too. Also is the one on the right Turbo? I like to imagine he is. 5


I always wanted to be on that show. I forgot about it. Sweet design.


I see this style and think Fatheed, not Glennz. But maybe that's just me? Similar, yes. Interchangeably similar? Not a chance. I'm giving this a 5 because of the skill and wit. If it was something I'd wear, I'd give it the $5, but the subject just isn't my thing. Excellent work nonetheless, and I hope it gets printed.

aled profile pic Artist

Thanks mephitine! Thanks all for the swell comments.


yeah dude... this is great... i used to love that show

aled profile pic Artist

Not a bad score, per se. :-)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

me still wantie...i mean, with the re-emergance of that lame-ass american gladiators shoe ,we need SOMETHING to re-deem the respect of gladiators everywhere throughout history!

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