Glad to Meat You

Design by Karnaf

Glad to Meat You by Karnaf on Threadless
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yeohgh profile pic Alumni

that funnym welldone!!! glad we meat!! ahha

mezo profile pic Alumni

I like the contrast the happy face makes with the fact there are butcher lines on the cow. This is an ok design. Good colors and great font choice. Some of your dotted lines could use tweaking (some overlap onto the white outline on the cow), and the "Y' in 'YOU" should be shrank a little (to match the "U"), which will also pull it away from the outline of the cow.


I say no face. Funny concept, I want it just a little lower on the shirt though. I feel like I'm being choked when it gets to close to the neckline.


I'm a vegetarian and i still think it's funny $5




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