Glacier vs Volcano Punks


Glacier vs Volcano Punks by SEVEN-HUNDRED on Threadless
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SEVEN-HUNDRED profile pic Artist

My first - and only GFWF! sub!

Geological features with Faces

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

before i read the title i was trying to deduce what that white thing was, at first i thought it was a barge. then i had no idea..
even after reading the title i'm a little lost. isn't the blue land? if so how does the iceberg come in. i dunno, maybe i'm reading into it a bit much but if it doesn't come across as an iceberg that seems like a problem.

that aside! i really dig all the facial expressions and the use of a fingertips brush.

Mr. Cranky-Pants

ginette, it's not an iceberg, it's a glacier. They spread across land very slowly.
But I agree, not many people would know what it was just by looking. I didn't.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

oops my bad, i understand what glaciers are, yet i called them icebergs anyway for some reason.. :S

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