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How in the world is the Red Cross
giving back ? They are an organization
through which our giving can help
others. They don't give back. They even
help in parts of the world too poor to
even give to the Red Cross.

The phrase, "Give back to the community"
seems like some catchphrase to make
someone feel obligated to give money,
time, &/or resources to the community
they're in. I prefer not seeing part of it
being used to describe the American
Red Cross.


This is actually wearable! $5


i think it's a command to give back...your blood. i do it all the time! hooray for juice boxes and cookies $5


this could win $5


This is the best I have seen so far! I'd love it on the sides of the sleeves, but I'd buy it this way anyway.



love it.

and unlike many of the white shirt designs submitted, i love this on white. :)


...and when you are in the hospital, dying, and you're losing blood rapidly, you'll be really glad that you don't believe partaking in "barbaric practices" so you'll die with what's left of your own blood. But at least your offspring won't have to admit you took part in that "travesty in the medical community."

This shirt is the best submission for the Red Cross I've seen. I'd definitely buy it, and it's actually one of the few shirts I really like in plain old white. Good job mate


hrm, i love it! great job.

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