Giraffic suicide

Design by 2gestalt

Giraffic suicide by 2gestalt on Threadless
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(●̮̮̃•̃) (●̮̮̃•̃) /█\ ♥/█\


i'm not sure that all

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

Do you really believe that anyone would want to wear this shirt in public? Think about it..


aw i really think this is cute.. love the colors as well. i think perhaps the sky could blend more.. but i love that the tree's not tall enough. he will survive! :D $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

2gestalt on Nov 25 '10 It belongs to the joke, that the tree is NOT tall enough...

But then...the funny part is the giraffe wants to kill itself but can't because the tree's too short, thus making the giraffe an even more pathetic character that it can't even kill itself right?

That funny part?


It's fulle of irony. exactly how life is.. sometimes you don't get your way. OR perhaps the giraffe was placed up there by someone else and didn't put himself in this situation. maybe the bird did all of it with his mind :O or maybe I need to go back to sleep.


Vulture: Do it!

and then he saw the chair

Vulture: Oh crap goodbye dinner! XD

rompetelcuero profile pic Alumni

hahahaha Really nice!


hmmm. nice drawing, but I'm not a fan of the subject matter. I can't imagine someone wanting to wear it in public.


haha you finally sub it. good luck ! great job ! :-)

S-3 profile pic Alumni

good illo but suicide is not a subject that i will be happy to wear on t-shirt


Dude I really like the backdrop and silhouette, Why's the giraffe gotta be hangin? I'd rework this into something that just looks awesome. Like a Giraffe riding something, or something more comical than just a Savannah with an animal silhouette.


Great concept! I think suicide can be wearable. Naolito made a suicide design, and it scored a 2.91. I like your idea, but the illustration itself is pretty meh.


... oh, and don't forget one of Threadless' most popular designs, Flowers in the Attic.


Nice color choices and neat-o illustration!

I'm just not a fan of dark humor. Also i love giraffes ; w;

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