Gimme some skin up top!

Design by SRT10

Gimme some skin up top! by SRT10 on Threadless
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Nice idea. The concept is sound, but the figure needs work. The anatomy is off and he doesn't seem frozen in motion. Have you tried taking some reference photos of someone jumping like that? It would help a great deal.

Also, think about adding some perspective to the piece. You could really get some interesting visual tension if the figure and pole weren't so flat. At even a slight oblique angle, the figure would really appear to be leaping at the hand to get five.

This has great potential.

Ava Adore

very cool!!.
the hand of the guy needs to be fixed though, on the left.


the concept is fantastic

i agree that the body needs work


definitely need to do a better job of making it seem like he's in motion, the hand is kinda funny!

very nice though!!!!

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

freakin classic, that is very original, but lose the shadows man, you don't need em.


I really like it. 5 and a buy if the guy's body was a little more anatomically correct.

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