Giant-Ant Eaters

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Giant-Ant Eaters by wullagaru on Threadless
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thats pretty cool

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Good work.

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

This is definitely getting $'s! I like.


haha i didn't notice the forks before. awesome.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

wow, crazy ant....argggg i hate ants, they get in the kitchen after the slightest speck....due die die...oh sorry. great design


love the lil forks, and the "lil" ant being protected. great details and story!


interesting - my only complaint is the overlap of the 2 large ants makes it a little hard to read - it would help if the ant in the back was pushed farther into the background/made shorter - so that the heads and backs aren't on the same level (which is what's making it hard to visually seperate)


I agree with rudra. it's hard to distinguish between those two ants. would be hard to see the shirt from a distance

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

this design NEEDS to be printed and also NEEDS to be placed on the bottom right. Plus, it gets extra points for its imagination of a brave new world and the fact that i named my first faux motion picture company "Hail Ants! Productions".


Wicked - as my good friend wullagaru said its based on the idea of how the names good be misleading - and hears a little story...

Based on a conversation i had in the pub (aren't they all?) about giant anteaters and how the name is slightly misleading. I kind of like playing with the idea of there being giant ants (you still with me...). Kind of like, on an alternate evolutionary path, ants have grown to become elephant like in size, but are still ants, just oversized ones (in herds maybe), as a result anteaters have been forced to become more sociable and hunt in packs, (like lions or wolves) they still look-like anteaters, maybe a little leaner.

Anyway they stalk there ant prey (i've thought about this too much) before bursting from the undergrowth in teams of two (start to think about Star Wars now...) maybe one on anothers back, facing the other way, they start to chase down the giant ant, the larger, carrier anteater, gallops after it. (Here comes the Star Wars bit...)

The anteater riding on the back, then, using its long sticky tounge, latches on to one of the ants leg (Think Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Battle of Hoth, Snowspeeders vs AT AT) before the two anteaters run around the giant ant, tying up its legs, bringing it down, before moving in for the kill...

Had great fun working on this with Wullagaru - and thanks for all the comments so far : )


aww crap - my paragraphs vanished - sorry


killer mutant space ants! ahhhh! haha. looks cool!

herky profile pic Alumni

nice concept and illustration, the 2 anteaters with forks ready to ambush are great


the ants look like weird elephants. their legs should go out to the side; they shouldn't be underneath them.


you've got such a rad style - i wish i could draw

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This is purdy

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