ghost man on second

Design by madmike

ghost man on second by madmike on Threadless
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the paint under the eyes is the win.....also that sneaky look he has on his face.

awesome shirt

Ava Adore

veyr cool


This is great... and I'm also one of those who isn't usually too into the ghost shirts. I'd love it more if the design were placed elsewhere, but good job nonetheless!


Shadows are a bit funky -- the ghost is lit from above but the base is from an angle.

Great idea though!


i'm a girl and i understand it. but we called them invisible men.


lol all i want now is a baseball diamond where things in the yard are bases. first base is the garden tile, second is the tree, third is the clothes hanger, and home is back at the brown spot where the dirt is all worn out hahaha. it also reminds me of our rule we had to have for anyball that went into the road was a homerun (so we wouldn't run into traffic hahaha)

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