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Getting Into It

Design by J-Ray

Getting Into It by J-Ray on Threadless
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olie! profile pic Alumni

To be honest, I think this would kick ass if you got rid of the worms and the radioactive can altogether and left it as just the tunnel.


exactly!! the worms ruin it for me to but that tunnel is saWEET!


was the tunnel a photo one of you took? or did you guys draw that?

Flying_Mouse profile pic Alumni

I saw the revision. I like how the way you make the background, but the worm still need to put some detail I think, maybe some solid dark shadow like what you did on the background. Then this design could be a winner.


Add some eyes to the worms in the revision. Otherwise, this is pretty good.


I was distracted by my dislike for the worms and almost missed how incredible the background is. The revision is better, but still flattens an otherwise fantastic design. I'm skipping without scoring in hopes of something better n thefuture!

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

the tunnel is amazing. The worms and the radioactive barrel aren't doing it for me though. I'd use the tunnel in another sub later. Just come up with a better concept. This isn't doing it for me

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Haha that wall tunnel was definitely inspired by d3d's 12clubber design.


i like thoes worms , they are disgusting and cute...
and they make this design lively.
but i think the tunnel is too graphic ~
anyway, keep going____


looks really sweet... i like it and the contrasting styles... but not 100% sure if id wear it.. so 5


nice revision - and the worm with the
question mark over its head is a nice
touch in both designs

Ava Adore

excellent illus!


i like the worms either way, i think this is great!


very ill 5




seems like you ran out of inspiration when it came to the worms.
the tunnel is super sweet.
the barrell thing is really cool too....then there's the worms.


glue sniffers.


I want it! But only if the worms can keep their faces


I wish it was some sort of other concept that included the background. The worms are just... out of place. Its weird.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

the tunnel is nice, the colors used there really give the sense of light. the worms are okay, tho they neither are cute enough to really like nor interesting enough to stand on their own. the two together look like something taken from a kiddie stickerbook pasted on a photo. that tunnel with a better idea would be a good design


I love this Jray!
it would be much nicer if this would be printed with glow in the dark ink!


i agree with olie!. I think it would look better without the worms. then i would give it a five.


this is a textbook example of a collaboration gone wrong


The tunnel is freaksihly awesome however the warm do sort of detract a great deal.

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

The idea behind it is really cool... but the clash of the styles is something that could probably be worked on. It might look better if the worms had some of the same texture treatment for shading, and if their facial features were drawn in a more realistic looking form. Either the background needs to be more simple or the worms need to be more detailed (the latter would probably be more preferable). What you have is almost there... if you work it just a little bit more, you could have a print on your hands!


get out! this was in the crits? i missed it


it's a spooky tunnel but those toxic worms are just so gosh darn friendly

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Don't get rid of the worms! That's the whole point of the design. I think if you just stole some of the texture from the tunnel and placed it on the worms, it would help unify the overall look.

Also, I never saw this in the critiques... but I've also been slacking from threadless a little bit. And don't say that I don't like your designs! I try to comment, but you put out so much I can't keep up!


I think if you just stole some of the texture from the tunnel and placed it on the worms, it would help unify the overall look.

completely agree

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

An excellent design sometimes isn't enough to sway voters. They've been scoring extra low lately.

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