Get rid of the Body

Design by Skog

Get rid of the Body by Skog on Threadless
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Or a kitchen sink with a garburator.
I like this, though.
It's gory and subversive.


Except, as we know, it'd wind up going on Heather Grey, which I don't think compliments your design.

Skog profile pic Artist

Things to note...
1) The design MUST say "IFC" on it somewhere but is not required to include the IFC logo.
2) You may not include imagery taken directly from the films. The purpose is to create an original design inspired by the style of film.

Maybe it's boring, but im playing by the rules...


i'll go ahead and assume that it's a cut-off arm sticking out of the toilet. it might be better if the hand was sticking out instead of the stump, making it look less like a size XXL tampon.

the whole "get rid of the body" idea might be better illustrated in a garbage bag or a river rather than a toilet. who dumps a body in the toilet? i know i don't...


Hmmmm... I don't know what to think, except this it's somehow offensive (and it's awfully hard to offend me)... and the toilet with "pulp" on it seems somehow derogatory to th genre.

But like I said, I really don't know what to think. Your style is nice, but I just really don't like the design.

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