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Very very cute image and I really like how your style is almost a 50's callback. Also, using the halftones you manage to get a whole lot of work out of your five colors, which is awesome. However, without your added text I'm not sure I'd be able to figure out what was happening n the picture. Not that I think you should add the text to the shirt (that would ruin its awesome composition), but I wonder if there were a design way to clarify what was happening?


awesome work and by far the best in this comp so far... $5


Awesome design, but I wouldn't wear it


i dont think it needs clarification. the kid is obliviously sending the robot forth.

.... but in my head the robot is going to go defeat an alien invade with some smooth moves an sweet loving, in stead of the normal giant monster fighting..

Edword profile pic Alumni

nice illo!

mj00 profile pic Alumni

Don't add another person. The little boy is clearly pointing, I don't think this is a confusing scene at all.

My only criticism of this is about the half-tone circle in back. Is it really needed? If so, could it be heart-shaped instead. Overall, I really like the style of this, nice work.

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

nice illustration!! super great! 5

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

Amazing illustration. Maybe the haltone is too little. Might be a problem for threadless.

herky profile pic Alumni

awesome illustration and use of halftones, has a very retro type feel/style.



jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Outstanding artwork. One of the best examples of using halftones I've ever seen.


super super super. don't change a thing! $5

The Ending

'mazing use of halftone! 5

le saavs

hooooooooooooodie pleeeeeeeeeeeease. $5!


Pure gold! $5 :D

kooky love
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wow.nice work.great details.


Awesome - 5$

I'm not sure about the heart background, i don't think i'd wear anything with hearts on it.

I'd say its pretty much perfect as it is.

Excellant job

Tonteau profile pic Alumni


Cracking Illustration.

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