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Genie in a... by sustici on Threadless
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yeah, i really like this! very nice!

- Davide -
- Davide - profile pic Alumni

YES! i like the color / shadow! 5
can you vote all my t-shirt please :) ?

just shut up

well, haha pretty awesome

VaVa Pie

hahah nice


Would make a better shirt if the stars hit the top of the shirt slightly off center instead of surrounding the collar like that. Other than that, good work! Awesome illustration!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I wish the two graphics on the tee weren't so contrasting and flowed better together, but i guess that's kind of the point of the rags to riches idea you have going here. Lovely trashcan illo, I like that you're going for new styles!


Original idea! I agree with FRICKINAWESOME, but this is a great print and tee... the quality of illustration is uber impressive! $

Skap 1er

that's some magical garbage my friend

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

love it. it's really different without looking scrappy.


love the shading and the shadow 4$

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