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Geek Goddess by d3d on Threadless
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whenever he steps outside it rains

i REALLY like this one! i like it so much that i have decided to finally comment on a shirt. nice work here...damn i hope it gets printed :(


Since I'm unfamiliar with the inspiration
for this design, let me tell you my impression
when looking at this design.

It looks like some woman has Wolverine's
claws and might use them to cut the strings
to the marionette she is holding -or- she is
involved in a weird dance.

Were you trying to make the puppet
resemble a naked black man?


Awesome use of contrast, d3d.


That's a really nice design work, and it takes on a completely different look imagining it with the black & white on the various colors. Good work.

d3d profile pic Artist

she's dressed as she appeared in the photo i used for reference, so i take no offense at your disapproval of her outfit, including the claws. and Kari Byron is a sculptor. The puppet is one of her dolls. Thanks everyone for not understanding in the slightest, especially SoFarAway who couldn't even read the title.

d3d profile pic Artist

actually forgive my bitter outburst. i should have realised when submitting it that it meant more to me than it would to the average voter. my mistake.


This is a great design. I don't understand all the comments about not having her proportions - who cares? It's a cool shirt. Based on a really cool girl. Great work. 5$

d3d profile pic Artist

in case anyone ever reads this, the claws actually existed. she wore them in a mythbusters episode and used them to burst balloons until Scottie found it more effective to destroy balloons by breathing fire on them. and for the record she was dressed in an outfit much like what i've drawn.

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